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We ask you to help in our global action for disarmament!

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Let's celebrate our inner peace too!


The Global Initiative - today NoNuke - took inspiring and successful steps in the 1990s for universal disarmament and for the ecological salvation of the planet. We were at it for five years. Many young people got involved and brought their unique creativity to the process. We were invited to the UN in Geneva and New York, we worked with the Swiss government, and we sparked a popular movement. 150000 young people participated in the International School Strike for Peace in 1996.

From the beginning, the GI Global Initiative was supported with signatures by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Russian President Gorbachev.

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I welcome donations so that I can continue to educate myself and bring in professionals over the next 20 years. 

Here is the Petition

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More Information

The World Peace Candle is waiting since 1996 at the UN in New York. It is dedicated to Nuclear Disarmament and will be lit as soon as there are no more nuclear weapons on the planet. 

With this petition we encourage the governments to take the necessary steps until 2042.

The nuclear powers USA, Russia, France and Great Britain have not even renounced the option of first use. With this petition, we call on them to do so as soon as possible.

No first use (NFU) is a pledge or a policy by a nuclear power not to use nuclear weapons as a means of warfare unless first attacked by an adversary using nuclear weapons.

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Link to the petition. Please sign and spread!

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Dear people, dear politicians, dear craftsmen, dear lovers, dear sad people, dear dreamers!

We are allowed to have dreams, and I have a dream. It is my biggest dream. I want to achieve that within 20 years all nuclear weapons are abolished.

Is that possible? Of course it is possible. We have known since Jesus Christ that faith can move mountains. No, it is not imagination! Everywhere there is talking of connectedness, of networking, of working together. So let's do it! Let us support each other! In this way we can achieve everything!

I ask you to support my dream with your signature, with your good thoughts, with your enthusiasm.

It is like magic! 

I have been working on the issue of disarmament since 1994. We sent a world peace candle to New York, to the UN, 23 years ago, together with the Swiss government. This is to be lit as soon as there are no more nuclear weapons. Now it is really time! Not only for nuclear disarmament, but also for the abolition of all weapons of war in general. And for the abolition of personal weapons, which again and again contribute as psychological weapons to the discord. Before signing the petition, also make peace with yourself and with your fellow human beings!

This project is also a gift to our descendants, to my grandchildren and to all people who will live in the future. 

My project is a lever. Just as Archimedes wanted to lift the whole world with a lever, I am now applying the lever of the abolition of nuclear weapons. With one lever we can lift a great weight. I want to lift, inspire, encourage the whole world! Our lever is cooperation, is your support.

Our lever is this card that we send to the nuclear powers. Light my fire! A world without nuclear weapons! We light the candle of peace, all together!

You know what? The U.S., Russia, the U.K. and France haven't even given up the option of first strike. That is the height! I am outraged! They still want to have the right to attack first with nuclear weapons, even if there is no enemy attack with nuclear weapons. This ridiculous situation is where our lever starts; this is the point Archimedes was talking about. This point is easy to understand and helps us to realize our dreams. Let's send this petition to the nuclear powers! They can send a signal for peace by renouncing the first strike. However, they can still maintain a strong stance in the current situation. But they really don't need the first strike!

So, please help, sign, and forward this text to as many friends as possible; to friends all over the world. We speak for the world community here.  Our lives should not remain an eternal tussle and tug of war. We can create paradise on earth. We are human beings! We can move mountains, so let's do it! Let's light the world - peace candle together with our love, with our vision, with our devotion. This is how we become true human beings who deserve this honorary title.

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