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  • It is the right project for me.

  • Continuing education for me is certainly helpful.

  • Humor and lightness remain central.

  • What do you want to contribute?


In March 2022, I remembered the Global Initiative for Disarmament of the 1990s. I found inspiring documents and decided to work again for global disarmament. As a first step, I focused on nuclear disarmament within 20 years.

I have done a lot of exciting things since then; you can find more details in my internet diary at


Short text: 


The World Peace Candle has been at the UN in New York since 1999. It is dedicated to nuclear disarmament and will be lit as soon as there are no more nuclear weapons on earth. 

With the petition, we call on governments to take the necessary steps by 2042.
The nuclear powers USA, Russia, France and Great Britain have not even renounced the option of first use. With this petition, we urge them to do so as soon as possible.

Please sign the petition "Let's light the World Peace Candle" and forward it to your friends. It's easy to do. 

And also do something concretely peaceful in your environment!


I am an enthusiastic person. I have worked all my life for the development and manifestation of a new consciousness. I see the new man before me, the new society, the new earth.


Through my decades-long practice of laughter, meditation and other magic tricks, I have transformed myself into a new human being. The vision of a "world community of humanity" animates me. Please help to achieve this goal!


I am very lucky, healthy and sufficiently intelligent. And I have the wonderful Christina by my side - a constant inspiration!


I feel like continuing this initiative and reaching the goal of nuclear disarmament in 20 years.




I am designing the project as an individual, but I am very grateful for help, constructive feedback, good tips and great ideas. Later, a team may also emerge.

I think more qualitatively than quantitatively. A good conversation, a hearty contact, a wonderful singing or laughing together - all this is as important to me as numbers and statistics on the internet. I have already reached the goal because the vision and inspiration are there. 

I want my cause to be understood. I want people to get involved, and I want these weapons to be abolished by 20 years at the latest.


I am suitable for this project. At the same time, I am aware that I am not yet competent enough in certain areas. That is why I want to continue my education in the next few months, in the following areas:


  • Marketing skills, 

  • giving good presentations in front of people and on Youtube, 

  • develop more economic thinking, 

  • finding a product for the cause, 

  • learn the fastest shortcuts for Chinese,

  • develop digital and human wizardry,

  • promote my artistic expression.


I rely on "swarm intelligence" and ask myself where the most inspired swarms - and swarmers - are. 


I reckon with challenges along the way and keep the lightness, cheerfulness and optimism.


Possible contributions from inspired co-creators*:


Maybe you can think of something more great; maybe you are doing an activity or inventing something new and share it with me?


Continuing education and donations


The Donate button on the main page says: Your donation will be used for philosophical training, new hardware and software, travel expenses and resilience training :-)


Some friends tell me: You don't need any further education. That honors me. And they say: You have the right foundation. Whoo-hoo! Nevertheless: Rolando can improve and realize more potential :-)




I practice more and more the inner peace and say: Make peace with yourself too! Disarm yourself first!

Disarm your inner atomic bomb if there is one!

The inner wars are the cause for the outer wars. 

Let us make it even more noticeable that we want the good, that we are committed to our descendants, that we take responsibility for this wonderful planet.

With today's technology, we can. And we can do it without technology: in our dealings with our loved ones, with our family and neighbors, at work. 


As Erich Kästner said.
"There is nothing good unless you do it!"

June 2022

Here is the Petition

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